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"Overnight Check" Frequently Asked Questions

Forgot to pay a bill? Don't pay exorbitant late fees -- use an overnight check to get your payment there faster.


What is an "overnight check?"
An overnight check is a service provided as part of your Online Bill Pay service. Overnight check determines the fastest way to process your bill payment, and provides you with that expedited option for a fee.

When is an overnight check delivered to the recipient?
In many cases your check can be delivered overnight (1 business day), but you must submit your payment request before 1pm Pacific time. Payments made after 1pm will generally be delivered on the second business day following. In either case, the Online Bill Pay Service will tell you exactly the earliest date that your payment can be delivered.

How much does an overnight check cost?
There is a fee of $17.95 for each overnight check. Oftentimes, this is much less than high late fees or charges that are often associated with late payments.

Where do I find the overnight check option?
After signing on to the online bill pay service and inputting the amount you'd like to pay, you'll be asked what date you would like to have the payment processed. If available, along the right side it will also prompt you with the earliest possible date which the bill could be paid, and the fee to utilize that expedited payment option.

Can I pay either a business or a person?
Yes, by adding the recipient to your payee list, you'll be able to create an overnight check to any recipient, business or person.