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Overdraft Protection Plan

The Island provides an Overdraft Protection Plan to help you prevent overdraft and insufficient/unavailable funds fees on your Island checking account.


Overdraft Protection1

When you link your checking account to a savings, money market, or line of credit, we will automatically transfer funds into your checking account to avoid an overdraft situation.

  • There is NO FEE to enroll in overdraft protection to link your accounts.
  • There is a $5 FEE per overdraft transfer when it occurs.
  • Enroll in overdraft protection by calling (800) 848-5654, or bringing this printer friendly form to any Island Branch.
$5 per transfer
When transfers are made from more than one account, a fee is charged ONCE to the LAST account.

Courtesy Pay2

When you don't have sufficient available funds in your checking account (including any overdraft protection you have established) to clear your paper checks or pre-authorized electronic transactions, Courtesy Pay protects you from returned checks/electronic debits. It can also help protect your good credit, save you the inconvenience and embarrassment of having your transaction declined, and reduce the possibility of additional merchant fees.

  • The Island may cover your overdrafts up to $1,0003 including fees. This applies to paper checks, items cleared through the automated clearing house (ACH) and recurring debit card transactions for the payment of a bill that you have previously authorized.
  • There is a fee of $27 that you will be charged each time The Island pays an overdraft.4
  • Your account will be automatically enrolled in Courtesy Pay if you and your joint owners remain in good standing5 and make regular deposits.
$27 per overdraft

Courtesy Pay PLUS2

Your ATM and one-time/everyday debit card transactions will not be approved if you don't have sufficient available funds in your checking account and any linked overdraft protection account. If you qualify for Courtesy Pay, Courtesy Pay PLUS allows The Island to cover these additional transactions if you opt-in.

  • There is NO FEE to opt-in for Courtesy Pay PLUS service.
  • There is a $27 FEE each time you use your card and do not have sufficient available funds to cover the purchase or withdrawal.4
  • Call (800) 848-5654 or visit any Island Branch or
$27 per overdraft
The Island also provides other resources to help you manage your checking account balance:

Balance Alerts

Stay informed with free, timely account alerts sent directly to your email or mobile device.

  • Balance Alerts are FREE with your online banking access.
  • You choose the amount and we’ll send you a message that your account balance is getting low.
  • Be notified of check clearings, paycheck deposits, and other account activity with Transaction Alerts.
  • You're in control - add new alerts, turn off existing alerts, or change your contact preferences at any time.
  • Signon to Online Banking to set up or change your alerts.

Online Account Transfer1

Easily move funds from one account to another with your online banking account. Access your Island accounts from ANY web browser, ANY time of day.

  • Online Banking is a FREE service available at The Island.
  • Make an immediate funds transfer from one of your other accounts to your checking account.
  • Online Banking:  Signon or Enroll.
For more information about overdraft protection options, visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or call (800) 848-5654, option 0.

Terms & Conditions

1 Federal Regulation D limits the number of transfers from savings and money market accounts to 6 per month. A $10 fee is charged for each transaction over the regulatory limit.

2 Payment of an inadvertent overdraft is not guaranteed and is paid at the Credit Union's sole discretion. Courtesy Pay is not a loan, and all fees and the overdraft amount (negative balance) are due and must be repaid to us within 7 days to avoid an overdrawn balance fee.

3 Lower limits may be granted at the discretion of the credit union. Courtesy Pay of an inadvertent overdraft is not guaranteed and is paid at the Credit Union's sole discretion.

4 There is a 5 per day limit on the number of times we will charge this fee.

5 Good standing means that you and any of your joint owners:

  • Pay your negative balances timely (within 10 days)
  • Make your loan payments on time
  • Have not caused a loss to the Credit Union
  • Do not repeatedly overdraw your account