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NiftiCard® VISA® Check Card

The North Island Financial Transactions and Information card - NiftiCard®, for short - is a check card as well as an ATM card.

  • Easier and more convenient than cash or checks
  • No finance charges or annual fees
  • Make withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries at millions of ATMs worldwide
  • Make deposits at designated Island and CO-OP Network ATMs
  • Pay for purchases and services wherever ATM or debit cards are accepted, but credit cards may not be accepted

Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay
We all make mistakes - whether it's an error balancing our checkbook, or a forgotten ATM withdrawal. That's the reason we offer Courtesy Pay and Courtesy Pay PLUS on our checking accounts.

To request a new or replacement NiftiCard or PIN number:
Find a branch |  Call (800) 848-5654

To report a lost or stolen NiftiCard: (888) 220-9591.