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Direct Deposit

Have your payroll or government check deposited directly for free into your Island checking, savings, or money market accounts


Avoid the possibility of lost or stolen paychecks and/or government checks with direct deposit -- have it deposited directly into your checking account at The Island.

  • No lost or stolen checks
  • No waiting for government checks in the mail
  • Same-day access to your money through Online Banking, NiftiCard®, ATMs, and NiftiPhone®
  • Automatically grow your savings when you direct at least part of your pay to savings

Follow these TWO EASY STEPS to set up free Direct Deposit:

  1. Gather your account information. You will need to provide the type of account (checking, savings, or money market account), your account number, and North Island Credit Union's routing number of 322281468.
  2. Contact whoever issues your checks and find out if they offer direct deposit. If so, ask if they can accept a credit union's direct deposit form. If the answer is yes, download this simple form and follow the instructions:
    If your employer or government agency does not accept a credit union's direct deposit form, ask if they have a form and use that to get started.

Once you have submitted your request form, be sure to monitor your account to see when the Direct Deposit begins; it may be one or two months before your Direct Deposit goes into effect.

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