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Signing On with Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication ensures the highest levels of security for your online transactions.


The first time that you sign on to online banking, you'll be asked several security questions to validate your identity. These questions will be used in the future to verify, or "challenge," your access to your personal information.

  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Choose questions where YOU KNOW THE ANSWERS.
  3. Provide answers that YOU WILL REMEMBER.
    When you're asked to answer a question in the future, it must match your original response EXACTLY. This includes any capital letters, spaces, punctuation or numerals.
  5. Use only letters, numbers, and spaces; NO PUNCTUATION.
  6. Try to choose questions that OTHERS COULD NOT EASILY GUESS.

Other tips/hints about the questions:

  • "Sibling" = Brothers or sisters
  • "Street number" = 1234 (not including street name)
  • "Musical Genre" = Type of music (rock, soul, classical, etc)
  • "Model of your first car" = Mustang, Camry, Jetta (this is the specific
    type of vehicle sold by a manufacturer)

These challenge questions will be presented to you when you access your online account from a new location, a new computer, when you change your regular banking habits, or when you activate other criteria which requires authentication.

You'll see that all of the signon pages are secure (https), which ensures that your information is encrypted before it is sent over the internet. Together, these multiple "factors" help us to provide the latest in online security to ensure the safety of your online transactions.