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  • Electronically debit or credit the bank accounts of employees, customers, and vendors by submitting your batch file to The Island
  • Available for payroll transactions, consumer collections, business-to-business payments/collections, cash concentration, and tax payments
  • Batch files may be manually created, generated from a template, or imported from your own accounting software
  • Maintain control over employee permissions in batch creation and approvals
  • View saved, pending, and completed ACH transactions
  • Add, edit, and manage receivers

Getting Started

  1. Request approval of this service by contacting your Business Relationship Officer or local Branch Manager. Transaction limits will be assessed for security and risk purposes.
  2. Once approved, sign on to Business Online Banking
  3. Click the ACH tab
  4. Utilize the ACH Handbook Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to start processing ACH batches