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Special Notice

Information about the Heartbleed Bug & Your Accounts


Recent news broadcasts may have made you aware of the "Heartbleed" bug which was recently discovered. This "bug" is not on your local computer, rather part of the software that is used to support many of the secure services you use. It is estimated that 66% of secure websites worldwide were affected by this potential vulnerability.

The Security Team at North Island Credit Union began researching the threat status and immediately responded by patching all affected systems. We are confident that myisland.com is now protected from this vulnerability.

We do not believe that our network or any member data was ever at risk due to this vulnerability, but the threat should still be taken very seriously. We place member security at the highest priority and, as a precaution, we encourage you to reset your password(s) immediately. Create a password that is new and different. Use different passwords on different websites and make them complex and difficult to guess.

For more information about the "HeartBleed" vulnerability, visit http://www.heartbleed.com, or read a descriptive article by the Washington Post.