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Business Services

Courier & Armored Car

Save a trip to the branch and ensure that cash and checks are transported quickly and securely.
  • We work with industry leading vendors offering a variety of pickups and deposit limits to meet your unique needs.
  • Available for business members with Analyzed Business Checking accounts - earnings credits can be used to offset charges.
  • Prices may vary depending on the location(s) of your business and deposit frequencies.


Reduce mail, processing, and deposit delays while improving cash flow.
  • Cut hours or even days out of your collections process by streamlining your accounts receivable function.
  • Get your funds faster while improving staff productivity.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, theft, and error by automating manual processes and reducing the number of employee touch points.
  • Manage multiple receivables through one centralized source.

How Lockbox Works

  • Your receivables are mailed directly to a North Island Credit Union P.O. Box and picked up daily.
  • North Island Credit Union processes and deposits the receipts to your accounts same-day, giving you faster access to available cash.
  • You can also choose to view deposits online through Business Online Banking
Lockbox services are subject to geographic availability.

Federal Tax Deposits

Have tax payments electronically debited from your account. 
Members have options when it comes to making payroll tax payments:

Electronic Filing

The most convenient and flexible option. Make payments online, by phone, or through PC software. Offered by the IRS (Department of Treasury) and EDD (State of California): 
IRS/Dept. of Treasury Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) (800) 555-4477 or (800) 945-8400
State of California EFT (Electronic Federal Tax) Program

Emergency Wire

If you need to get a payment out immediately and do not have the required coupon, you may have your payment wired same-day as long as it is made before the normal wire transfer deadlines. Visit any North Island branch for assistance.
For more information or to apply for any of these Cash Management services, contact your Business Relationship Officer, local Branch Manager, or call (800) 293-6494, option 1.
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